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What languages do you work with?
I translate from English, French and German into Spanish.

In what format can I send you the documents?
I work with all major file formats: DOC, XLS, RTF, PPT, PDF, HTML... A surcharge may be applied for some formats that require conversion (PDF) or are more time-consuming to work with (PPT, HTML...).

What do you charge?
My rates depend on the type of service (translation, review, glossaries...) and the language combination, as well as other factors such as the urgency of the deadline. If you would like more information on my rates please consult the pricing section or alternatively send me the file by email for a free quote.

How can I be sure that my documents will be treated in strict confidence?
As a professional specialised in finance, I am very conscious of the fact that your documentation must be treated in the strictest confidence. If necessary, I'd be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to working with you. Similarly, if you wish, all emails and file transfers can also be encrypted.

How do I know what the translation will cost?
Prior to each project, I will make you an offer with a firm deadline. If you would like a quote please email me.

Our company uses a lot of company-specific terminology. How will this be integrated into your translations?
Before beginning work I will ask you for, in addition to the material to be translated, any other necessary information: reference documents, previous translations, glossaries.... to ensure maximum consistency and quality. I can also create specialised glossaries using your existing documentation or in line with your instructions. I also use translation memory (not machine translation) tools that enable me to be consistent with previous translations in terms of style and terminology.

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