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I am specialised in business and financial documentation:

- Accounting and financial reporting: balance sheets, income statements, annual and financial reports...
- Business documentation: brochures, market surveys, customer correspondence...
- Internal documentation: IAS, IFRS, internal control procedures...
- Legal documentation: contracts, invitations to general shareholders' meetings, articles of association, certificates...
- Investor relations: results, general announcements...

In particular, I offer the following services:

Translation of your business documentation
Send me your document in English, French or German and I'll provide you with the Spanish translation, in the same format if possible.

Sworn (certified) translation
If you need a certified translation for legal and official purposes, I am certified as a sworn translator by the Spanish MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) for English <> Spanish translations. From Spanish to English I work in team with a native English-speaking translator.

Review of already translated documents
If your documentation has already been translated and you would like to have it reviewed by a specialist linguist, I would be more than happy to help.

Regular updates
If you have documentation that requires regular updates in various languages (prospectus amendments, fund commentaries...) I can keep the Spanish translation up to date.

Specialised glossary development
If you have a large quantity of documentation and would like to harmonise the terminology used, I can build glossaries from existing documentation or in line with your instructions.

Translation of your corporate website
If your company has an international presence, the image given by your website is crucial. It is thus important that the Spanish translation be handled by a specialist applying the highest quality standards. I can carry out the translation and regular updating of your website using your website's source files if you so wish.

Languages: From English, French and German into Spanish.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information about my services or rates.

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